Arterial Network South Africa (ANSA) is a small dynamic organisation. We share offices with the Arterial Network Continental Secretariat and provide a more country-focussed service to the South African chapter. The office usually has a small team of interns working in various capacities such as communications, and project management.

At present, ANSA a number of openings for interns and volunteers.


  1. Internships are an exciting way to build knowledge about creative networks, and about how a national and international NGO works.
  2. Recommended period is four to 24 months according to the organisation's defined needs. Generally internships are on a full time basis.
  3. ANSA will advertise specific requirements and time frames from time to time.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated, there are no due dates for applications. We take enquiries on a case by case basis.
  5. Please note that, unless a specific project is initiated with dedicated resources, ANSA does not compensate interns for their time or resources.
  6. If you are interested, please supply a letter of proposal detailing what you would like to learn and your proposed contribution to the organisation and indicate your availability.

Communications - Website Development

  1. Expertise in HTML or other standard coding languages.
  2. Developing basic functionality for ANSA website to service its core mission as well as fundraising and communications.
  3. University Degree

Communications - Newsletter and Social Media content development

  1. Social Media expertise
  2. Experience with social media - especially Facebook and Twitter
  3. Newsletter content
  4. Experience in journalism would be desirable.
  5. Knowledge of South African current affairs would be desirable.

Research and Data Management

  1. Collect data on funding trends in South Africa
  2. Develop info graphics for ANSA website.

Office Administration

  1. Develop membership benefit ideas.
  2. Impliment benefits
  3. Develop CRM system to keep members informed, and enraged
  4. Develop special member events - debates, flash, tours, discounts.

Open Category

Interns may also propose their own interests and discuss this with the organisation.