• About Us

    About Us

    Arterial Network South Africa is a membership-based organisation registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa. 

  • About Us

    Images courtesy of Dance Umbrella. Photographers John Hogg, Valmont Layne, Thanda Kunene.

  • About Us

    About Us

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  • Culture is a Development Driver

    Arterial Network.

    Culture is a driver of development. It also enables development.
    When culture is taken into consideration in development efforts,
    transformative and sustainable change can occur.

1 Tell us a little about the history of Arterial Network’s South African chapter.

The Chapter was established in 2010 when local committees were set up in Cape Town, Johanesburg and Durban and a National Steering Committee elected. The South African Chapter is made up of individuals, businesses, donors, and membership based organisations active in the arts, culture and heritage sector in South Africa, as well as arts organisations, artists, creative practitioners, administrators and activists.

2 What exactly does Arterial Network do?

Arterial Network is a network of individuals, organizations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sector.


  • Build effective networks on the African continent to support the development of the cultural sector
  • Collect and disseminate information about the sector to help develop it.
  • Facilitate training and capacity building
  • Work to improve the rights and working conditions of artists on the African continent.

3 What is your main focus?

In South Africa, our main focus is to promote cohesion in the arts, culture and heritage sector in South Africa by addressing the current state of fragmentation, short term thinking and crisis managmenet conditions under which many artists are compelled to operate. This means working to strengthen the organised part of the sector, research and policy advocacy for the interests of artists and cultural practitioners and engagement with local, national and international role players to place cultural development on the broader development agenda.

4 What are some of the bigger projects you have been involved with?

Arterial Network South Africa runs a number of key programmes aimed at connecting more to the rest of the African continent and developing the arts policy environment in South Africa. The main programmes are:
Research and Policy
Art Out
Mobility and Networks
ANSA continues to give training on professional aspects of the arts such as fundraising, advocacy and marketing on an adhoc basis.

5 What are some of the projects you are working on now and in the near future?

Currently ANSA maintains consistent involvement in lobby, advocacy and research work. ANSA also hosts regular artouts across South Africa.
Look out for updates on ANSA's new African Mobilities events and programming.

6 Who do you think should be made aware of Arterial Network?

All people involved in the cultural sector including visual artists, musicians, poets, filmakers, those working in the creative industries and arts and culture administrators and entrepreneurs. Also businesspeople and government officials with an interest in culture or in African affairs.

7 What do you think the general public should be doing to help nurture the local creative sector?

Get involved in the work of ANSA and its partners to build a better sector. Email us or get in touch via social media to find out more.

8 What do you think government should be doing to help the local creative sector and do you think they are doing enough?

Since 1994 the money available to the cultural sector has multiplied. Yet this has not had a discernable impact on the growth of the creative economy in South Africa.

We believe that South Africa’s development challenges have a cultural dimension and we engage government to deepen the cultural dimension of development through advocacy, research into the impact of culture and through our programmes.

9 How can people get involved with the Arterial Network and their projects?