• About Us

    About Us

    Arterial Network South Africa is a membership-based organisation registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa. 

  • About Us

    Images courtesy of Dance Umbrella. Photographers John Hogg, Valmont Layne, Thanda Kunene.

  • About Us

    About Us

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    Arterial Network South Africa.

  • Culture is a Development Driver

    Arterial Network.

    Culture is a driver of development. It also enables development.
    When culture is taken into consideration in development efforts,
    transformative and sustainable change can occur.

About Arterial Network SA

Arterial Network South Africa is a non-profit organisation registered in South Africa with the NPO Number 150-257 NPO. 

It is one of nearly 40 Chapters making up Arterial Network (Africa). The Chapter has been operating since 2010. In 2013 South Africa established a National Secretariat operating in Cape Town. Our shared vision is for a vibrant, unified and empowered Arts, Culture and Heritage sector in South Africa contributing to human development, human rights and poverty eradication in our region.

The Chapter concluded its first audit in 2014 and its Audited Financial Statements 2013 are available for viewing. 



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